It is our strong belief that It takes a completely satisfied client to have a successful project. Staying within deadlines and guidelines, offering a superior result and providing a great after sales technical support crafts a stunning and unique result.

For every technology related decision you have to make, you need a trustworthy and reliable partner to guide you through the challenging and confusing parameters of today's and tomorrow's Information Technology battlefield.

Experience Experience

With two decades of experience and accumulated knowledge we can basically cover every  single one of your modern Information Technology needs.

We Consult, Design and Implement using either well known  tested technologies or not so mainstream but extremely efficient, radical and effective ones.

Emphasis Emphasis

We emphasize on keeping things simple.  We acknowledge that our clients don’t have to be I.T. experts or experienced users and that is why we do our best to keep things clear and simple for you.

Evolution Evolution

We do not like things that remain static for a long period of time. We like to evolve and with us evolve our clients infrastructure.

Therefore we put strong effort to test evaluate and implement cutting edge technologies that will benefit our clients and partners.


Our Services include Network and Systems Engineering, Construction of Cabling infrastructures and Cable quality certification, Virtualization, Network Security, Wireless Networks deployment and maintenance, Consulting and much more.
Find out what we can do for you and your business.

Network Engineering

We can design and implement flawless high performance and high availability networking solutions for any size and type of  business or residence.  Routers, DSL Load balancers, Network Storages etc. We can even design your Computer Room from scratch.

No matter the size, we can create simple or advanced topologies tailored to meet your needs.

Network Security

Using well known technologies by some of the biggest vendors globally such as Cisco, Watchguard, HP and more, we can help you secure your business and protect your valuable data.

By performing on site surveys we can detect your weaknesses and perform all the necessary actions (Firewalls, VLANS, VPNs, honeypot deployment) needed to secure your private network.

Surveillance Systems

We can install remote surveillance systems customized to meet your needs. Whether it’s a small office with only a couple of monitoring points or a big industry installation with multiple cameras and recording devices and everything with the ability to get accessed remotely.

Wireless Networks

Wireless  devices have already outnumbered wired ones. Creating a secure and efficient wireless network is vital for your business productivity and data security.

By employing innovative technologies like Open-Mesh, UBIQUITY and other cloud based or hybrid technologies we can make a difference.

We are able to provide you with a high availability, high performance wireless network and we can also create a wireless link between two completely separate physical locations thus unifying your offices networks into one saving you operating costs.

Systems Engineering

Using a wide range of products and solutions from well-known vendors, we can design and implement fault tolerant and redundant systems.

We can also convert your physical – energy and time consuming – systems into virtual ones, thus saving you valuable resources while simplifying maintenance and improving disaster recovery.

Structured Cabling

Whether you are moving into a new space or you want to upgrade your current workplace we can design and implement all the necessary structured cabling and active equipment.

By using CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6a certified cables and patch panels along with the proper active equipment (switches) your network will be able to perform up to 10Gb/s Networks.

We can also certify our claim using top of the line testing equipment by T3 Innovation and Fluke Networks.

Web Dev. & Email Hosting Services

We can design and develop your corporate web site. We can also provide you with reliable email hosting services in order to avoid getting flagged as a spammer and also block unwanted email messages.

Our mailing systems are always white listed and checked frequently for improper usage. Non encrypted connections are not permitted to ensure that your credentials and communication is always safe.

From A to Z we will perform all required actions to get your personal or work email up and running.


We embrace the ``no Dogma`` approach. We put extreme effort into maintaining a non biased and diverse approach to all the technologies we implement, ensuring that our clients get what they need and what is the suitable solution for their business.


"We create modern everyday technological wonders!"
Wonderhut Team, Wonderhut Team


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